Kiran Tevtiya

Founder, Child Psychologist, Blogger & Parent of two daughters


I am Kiran Tevtiya. I wear many hats. A parent, a child behavioral psychologist, a lifelong learner, educationist and co-founder of 18petals. 18petals is a all about Child Behavior and Development, an initiative to provide new dimention to build a better society which is caring and sensitive.

Once I had my feet on the ground I spent about a decade tinkering with the brains of the computers. Later while I was studying psychology I found my eureka moment while correlating the same magic with the codes of thoughts that turn into feelings and thereby affect the functioning(behavior) of our system! Coming back, while sailing as a software engineer, I became a parent as well. My inquisitiveness and curiosity to learn saw me spending nights scouring books and articles on various aspects of child development. I found this field so fascinating. Each child that I crossed became an object of intrigue for me. It would make me wonder what might have caught the child’s attention. I would marvel at how the unsaid thoughts and intelligence of the child was at play while exhibiting a particular behavior. With each passing day, the desire to explore the field of child behavior took stronger roots in my mind. And one fine day I took the plunge by opening an Early child care and Parenting center (rattlenbounce). Parallely I also partnered with preschools to run mother toddler and happy hours programs. As a part of my studies and work I joined Gundecha Education Academy school as an intern and a shadow teacher, studying behavior of children across primary and secondary sections. It was such an insightful experience - How the intelligence, motivation and interpersonal aspects of a child work “away from the eyes of the parents”. I moved on to practice as a Child Psychologist at pediatric clinics providing child behavioral therapy to various age groups of children, from toddler to teenagers, and parenting therapy to their families.

While practicing I realized the challenges parents and children go through while trying to see what therapy is the best fitment to their child’s needs. I also noticed that an end to end quality behavioral healthcare wasn’t available. The holistic picture of the child and the family goes missing as they move from one expert to another. And the silo-ed work by different experts resulted in poorer outcomes leaving parents confused, and emotionally and financially drained. This is the foundation on which 18petals was built….To solve the major struggle of the parents - “Where to Begin”.

Childhood is the foundation for a wholesome life ahead. If children are socio-emotionally and behaviorally well developed then they would be more capable to achieve their best potential, and become mature and well adjusted individuals in adulthood Thanks for being with me this far. If you are a parent reading this, I would love to know you more too :). Do drop by to send a Hi on [email protected] We are all in it together!!